Avara plastic surgery Centers are one of the leading expert in the field of plastic surgery in egypt and middle East. 

It was established 15 years ago by dr Ahmed salah ,consultant plastic surgeon and an eminient figure of plastic surgery community in egypt to deliver the most updated scientific eveident cosmetic services to domestic and international clients 

We are working in teams where we cover all the aspects of the provided services in the same place .offering the best quality up-to-date doctors and highest tech in the field. At very competitive prices. 

Our mission is to take care of our clients .and grow our experience to reach a world class level 

Our vision is based on the fact the plastic surgery is not any more a luxurious service .it’s a today must and a standard level of care should be offered to who needs it with passion and understanding .

We are offering our experience and knowledge to help our clients reach their own successful experience so they can join our happy clients group and we can grow bigger and prouder. 

A final promise is that we promise to work harder gain more knowledge grap all tech it needs .just to keep your trust .and delivere the best of the best we can.

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